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Tulsa Talks Climate


2 days ago
Just maneuvered a trip to @Lowes in #Tulsa. Cart handles not wiped down, employees with @masks pulled down (cool trick!) or no mask at all, no social distancing. Kudos to Lowes for exercising its freedom & god-given right to get customers sick.
3 weeks ago
. @HomeDepot and @Lowes face a class action lawsuit for failing to warn consumers about the risks of Monsanto's Roundup. The choice is clear: ditch Roundup, or face the legal consequences! https://t.co/7stDvl3KVg
1 month ago
Revealed: @Aon_plcn is helping insure the destruction of the Great Barrier Reef. Tell Aon to stop working with Adani now! https://t.co/gq1VHsVUUa

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