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Tulsa Talks Climate


1 week ago
How Not to Lose the Covid-19 Lockdown Generation https://t.co/JL5c6H1Nfu
2 weeks ago
#Tulsa mayor backs removal of Black Lives Matter mural from African-American Greenwood District, site of 1921 Race Massacre. There couldn’t be a more appropriate place for such a mural. Shameful. ⁦ @IAmAmnaNawaz⁩ ⁦ @Yamiche⁩ ⁦ @NPRhttps://t.co/VBtl18HcZK
2 weeks ago
New Study Shows Low-Carbon Technologies Cutting Industrial Emissions 86% by 2050 - The Energy Mix https://t.co/nxHZDgHud1

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