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Numerous lawsuits have revealed that almost all of the media and research claiming climate change is a “hoax” was funded and initiated by the fossil fuel industry to purposefully and knowingly spread lies. Even worse–solid, factual evidence is now publicly available that clearly shows giant American companies like Exxon KNEW fossil fuels were causing climate change all the way back in the 1970s.

How do we know climate change is real and that it is a threat?
NASA answers those questions for us here.

Why should it matter to me in Oklahoma?
Because unfortunately, climate change is already causing numerous problems for Oklahoma.

This feels overwhelming– is there anything I can do about this problem, or any way I can help?
The Oklahoma Sierra Club has formed a “Climate Crisis Taskforce,” and it needs Oklahomans to join the taskforce and start attending monthly calls. Meeting details can be found here.


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